Gurdaspur–Protest of film ‘Gadar-2….. Appealed to Boycott the film

Senior Journalist Vijay Sharma. Gurdaspur.

The protest against the film Gadar-2 has started in his own parliamentary constituency, Gurdaspur. Local people and Congress leaders have appealed to boycott the film. On Tuesday, he protested against it by taking a poster. Along with this, the campaign has also been started on social media.

Boycott posters put up everywhere

Posters appealing to boycott the film have been put up at various places in the city. The youth leader told that Sunny Deol could have proved himself to be a real hero in politics, but he kept the people of Gurdaspur in deception.

Earlier posters of the missing were put up

Earlier, posters of Sunny Deol’s disappearance were also put up in the city. The youth said that Sunny Deol had gone to Amritsar Sri Darbar Sahib for the promotion of the film, but did not consider it appropriate to step into his Lok Sabha constituency Gurdaspur, 30 km away. He has appealed to the central government to enact such a law that if a celebrity enters politics, their membership should be cancelled.

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