No one seems to be getting majority in Punjab… this time the Trishuk situation has been created… the vote percentage has come down to 70 percent from last time.

SNE NEWS.Chandigarh.

The Punjab Assembly Elections-2022 concluded on Sunday. The results will be declared on March 10. This time the voters of Punjab appeared in a very confused situation. The votes were clearly visible being distributed among different political parties. Taking the squeeze out of this whole situation, there are indications that this time the conditions seem to be turning into Trishuk. No party seems to be getting a majority. There have also been indications that the Aam Aadmi Party is going to get the maximum number of seats in Punjab.

But, even the magic figure of getting a majority is not visible to him. Under these circumstances, the option of imposing President’s rule in the rest of Punjab appears to be left. At present, all the political parties are making big claims about their victory. This time, for which party the quiet voters of Punjab voted, the whole picture will be clear only on March 10.

This time the voting in Punjab was only 70 percent. Last time the SAD-BJP alliance was badly beaten due to 77 per cent voting. The Congress was successful in forming the government in Punjab by winning 77 seats with an absolute majority, while in Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party fully claimed to form its government in Punjab before the elections, while the election results showed only 20 seats. Remained confined. But, this time all the promises made by the Aam Aadmi Party to the public. He did all that with a guarantee. Therefore, AAP seems to be quite successful in winning the trust of the voters of Punjab.

For the first time, an interesting contest was seen in the Punjab Assembly elections. In the traditional parties, Congress, SAD, BJP, AAP, besides parties like Punjab Lok Congress, SAD  (Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa), Kisan United Front, the contest became very tough due to the coming to the polls.

The most surprising thing came to the fore that this time the vote bank of the old parties appeared to be disintegrating due to more parties entering the election fray. To which party did the voter go? It is not clear about this till now. For now, everyone will be waiting for the election result date. Because, that day will be a decision day for every party.

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