BIG BREAKING—Pak drone found from the border, investigation continues, ISI in a bid to execute a major incident

Senior Journalist.Amritsar.

Pakistan is not improving at all in its nefarious activities. They are constantly trying to create anti-national conspiracies against India. But, the brave Border Security Force (BSF) posted in the border area always foils these antics of Pakistan. This time the case is related to Ratan Khurd, Indo-Pak border area of Amritsar. A Pakistan drone was recovered from the farm here during a joint operation by the Border Security Force and the police. Investigation has started after taking possession. The incident is being reported late on Monday at 10 pm.

A top Border Security Force (BSF) spokesperson informed that the Border Security Force team was patrolling the India-Pakistan border at village Ratan Khurd in Amritsar on Monday night. He immediately saw the drone entering Indian territory from Pakistan. When the team warned, he left from there.

In the morning, a search operation was launched by the Border Security Force and the local police. A suspicious object appeared in the field on Monday morning. When I went closer, I found a drone with a battery. He was taken into custody and investigated. At present, no consignment or weapon of any kind has been recovered.

Actually, Pakistan always sends consignments and weapons to India through drones. This has been confirmed many times.

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