Maybe it doesn’t seem that this is the smart city of Amritsar, this main road of the tourist city submerged for one and a half months, from the corporation officials to the mayor silent…

Parveen Sehgal.Amritsar.

Looking at these pictures, it might not seem that this is the smart city of Amritsar. For the last one month, 3-4 feet of water has accumulated on the road located in the old vegetable market (Outer Hall-Gate). Vehicle-passengers are getting upset. The Municipal Corporation office is situated at a distance of 2-3 kms. Looking at these pictures, it seems that the corporation is deliberately creating a drama of ignorance. Perhaps it can also be said that the present Aam Aadmi Party’s only mayor, Karmjit Singh Rintu, is not even aware of these photographs. But, the people and shopkeepers around are raising many questions on the functioning of the government and the corporation. It has been alleged that it is not so, many times they have complained to the corporation, but, in spite of all this, their problem has not been solved till now.

The historic city of Amritsar holds its own identity in the world. Several thousand crores of funds have been spent from the Center to the State Government for the beautification of the city. But, when shocking pictures come to the fore, questions are raised on the development somewhere. Amritsar is given the status of Smart City by the Municipal Corporation. Claims to do development in the area under its jurisdiction. They also do false propaganda to solve any kind of problem. You say that the corporation officials do not even miss patting their backs.

The truth is that the old vegetable market road near Hall-Gate, the center of Amritsar, is submerged in water for the last one month. Passengers-common people are going through many problems to get out of there. Somebody can’t find a solution to this problem. Absolutely, this part is being ignored. Not from the corporation to the mayor, they have been able to find an alternative to the long-standing problem of the people. The thing to note is that this road has become witness to injuries to many people. Despite not being able to find any solution, it is also right to raise a big question against the local administration and the AAP government in the state.

Wrong message going towards tourism

Presently Amritsar is also known as tourist city. Around one and a half lakh tourists from India and abroad reach Amritsar every day. Most importantly, many tourist vehicles and buses park on this road. Due to the accumulated water on the road, a wrong message is also being sent to the tourists. Many tourists expressed their reaction to our reporter about this problem and said that Amritsar is a beautiful city, but due to the accumulation of dirty water in this road, they also faced many problems, don’t know why the corporation administration did not It doesn’t do anything.

This-these people are responsible, it is their responsibility to solve

After thorough investigation, it has come to know that behind this problem, from small employees to big employees of the corporation are responsible. These people are deliberately avoiding this problem. Despite receiving the complaint, it is not being looked into. It is their responsibility to solve it, but everyone is running away from their respective responsibilities.

People’s demand should be a solution to the problem or big action

The people around gave their feedback and said that this is a very serious problem. Many times they have even given complaints to the corporation. No one thought it appropriate to solve it. He demanded from the corporation that this problem should be solved as soon as possible, otherwise, the Bhagwant Mann government should take major action against the responsible officials.

No official response

Our correspondent contacted the corporation officials regarding this matter. No officer even gave any proper answer on this problem. Mayor could not give his response citing being busy in some work.

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