80 percent do not get justice from the police

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SNE Network Team.Chandigarh.

There are very long queues of the victims in Punjab to get justice, you can say that 80 percent do not get justice from the police. Only 20 percent are the number of VIPs who get justice. This startling data was obtained by the SNE team after meeting people from every district of Punjab and taking their opinion.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government which claims to have an honest government in the state. But, these facts shook the claims of the government. According to the people, they still have fear in front of the police. Taking any kind of complaint is no less than a challenge for them. Because, at present even in the police station, the attitude of the police is very strict towards the people. Even before taking their complaint, they are put in many dilemmas, due to which they return without registering the complaint. Or it can be said that people are deprived of getting justice from the police.

The great irony is that the victims, who are deprived of getting justice from the police, are not able to approach the court any time soon. The real reason behind this is that the courts prove unable to pay the fees of the advocates to get justice in the process. Above all, there is no fixed time limit in getting justice in the loose process of the court.

Those who are getting justice from the police, they are included in the category of VIPs. For them, the Punjab Police is always ready to give justice. Shocking facts have revealed that the police consider the pain of these people as their own pain. The next action starts on his statement only. Not only this, she also puts full emphasis on getting justice.

Meanwhile, the general public is not able to get justice from the police, the government and the police administration also come under the scanner. If they want, they can correct this mistake and give a good message among the general public and the victims, but for this it will be necessary to brainstorm.

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