NIA raided the head office of Khalsa Aid,raid lasted for about 5 and a half hours

Senior Journalist. Patiala.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) raided the head office of Khalsa Aid. This raid lasted for about 5 and a half hours. In this, goods and documents were checked at Khalsa Aid’s India MD Amarpreet Singh’s house, Khalsa Aid’s office and godown located in Rishi Colony. During this, about 12 Punjab Police officers were also present along with the 4-member NIA team.

Questioning family members

Khalsa Aid volunteer Gurpreet Singh said that at around 5 am the NIA team raided the house of MD Amarpreet Singh. This raid lasted till around 10 am. During this Amarpreet Singh and his family members were interrogated. However, Gurpreet Singh claimed that the NIA team did not take any documents or goods from the spot during the raid.

Helping the flood affected

For the last 15-20 days, a continuous campaign is being run by Khalsa Aid to help the flood affected people in Punjab. In this, apart from essential goods, ration and medicines etc. are being provided to the affected. Being busy in this campaign, MD Amarpreet Singh had returned home on Monday late night at around 1.30 am and suddenly at 5 am the NIA team along with the Punjab Police raided his house.

What is the big reason behind raid

Khalsa Aid has always stood by the world to help those in need in times of crisis. People from different communities all over the world are associated with this organization. At any place, in the circumstances of disaster, they stand up to help the people. Not only this, rations reach the people, they play an important role in getting them out of difficult situations. Sources have come to know that the institution can also be a part of some bigger conspiracy. At present, many types of discussions are going on regarding this raid.

Some objected

People belonging to different communities are calling this raid a conspiracy of the government, whereas, a source in NIA said that the raid was done with full proof. There was no official confirmation about which proofs were found. At present, many people are protesting because of this raid.

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