SPECIAL REPORT—-80 percent auto drivers are drug addicts, passengers running on the roads lead a risky life

SNE Network.Amritsar.
The world famous city Amritsar is present in everyone’s tongue, mind and heart. Because the people here captivate everyone’s heart with their food and hospitality. But, these days a very serious issue is going on. This issue is related to the journey of passengers. About 7 lakh autos ply on the roads here every day. A survey has shaken everyone. It is being told that 80 percent of the auto drivers have been found to be drug addicts. It is a matter of concern that the lives of passengers are risking their lives while running on the roads. According to an estimate, the main reason for 70 percent of the fights on the roads is the carelessness of auto drivers. It is surprising that till now the government and administration have not been able to take any major step against them. Now the general public has demanded answers from both (government and administration).

After the 90s, there was a period of closure of factories in the city. Many people became unemployed. There were no major sources of employment. During that time a large number of people parked their autos. It is being told that at that time the auto drivers used to drive very carefully. Followed the rules and regulations. At that time, auto drivers played an important role in facilitating the travel of a large number of passengers. After the 2010s, some drug addicts started driving autos. A large number of passengers became victims of their loot. Many even formed robbery gangs. This was a big revelation in the police investigation.

It is said that lakhs of autos ply in Amritsar, the city of Gurus. Often auto drivers are drunk. Their careless driving is making it difficult for the passengers to reach their destination. Many times the said auto drivers are clearly seen fighting with the passengers without any reason. A complaint also came to the administration regarding this matter. Shamefully, no major action has been taken against any auto driver till now. Whose loss the general public or travelers had to bear.

..don’t even have your own driving license

According to the information, 60 percent of the auto drivers do not even have their own driving license. 60 percent autos are running on the roads without documents. No traffic police employee has the courage to even check their documents. Departmental sources have revealed that the police are afraid of taking action against them. They fear that they might block the road out of anger.

50 percent criminals

Surprising facts have come to light that 50 percent of auto drivers are involved in some crime or the other. Criminal cases are registered against many. This is where people harass travelers and tourists. In the past, serious allegations of robbery with passengers have also been made against them. The police have caught him and put him behind the bars.

vote bank politics

Experts also cite the fact that auto drivers have lakhs of votes. Each of their votes plays an important role in forming and removing the government. Auto drivers played an important role in forming the ruling Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab Assembly elections- 2022. AAP convenors reached out to many districts of Punjab to meet auto drivers to seek their votes. Another big reason is that auto drivers played a special role in AAP’s victory in Delhi also.

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