Amritsar Breaking— Heart-wrenching incident, the father tied the dead body of the daughter to a motorcycle and took it around the village

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After brutally killing the daughter, an accused father tied the dead body to the back of a motorcycle and paraded it across the village. The case is being reported from Amritsar district of Punjab. A heartless father mercilessly murdered his 16-year-old daughter in a village under Thana Jandiala. The matter is of honor killing. The body was found near the railway line. On the other hand, the police have started investigating the matter by taking possession of the dead body.

According to the information, the daughter was missing from the house for two days. During this, the family members searched for him a lot but no clue was found. But suddenly on Thursday afternoon she returned home. Angry father killed the daughter with a sharp weapon and tied the dead body to the back of a motorcycle and took it around the village. This whole incident was captured on CCTV camera. There is panic among the villagers since this incident. He informed the police about this.

Mother gave a statement to the police

The mother of the deceased girl told that as soon as she returned home today (Thursday) after being missing from home for two days, her husband dragged the girl by her hair and took her out. He didn’t even know where he took the daughter. The police officer said that Nihang Dalbir Singh of Muchhal village had executed this heart-wrenching murder. A case has been registered at Tarsikka police station.

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