Big negligence of Nawanshahr administration – During the Corona period, the central government had sent relief kits for the patients suffering from Covid, now the food supply department had kept the leftover food items in the council office

if the kits got damaged then the matter came to the fore- EO said – SDM office was informed several times to get relief kits and vacate the room

SDM said – Action will be taken against officers involved in negligence

Parveer Abbi. Banga City,Nawanshahr, October 16

The food kits sent by the central government for the corona victims during the Covid period got spoiled due to the negligence of the departments. Insects have started running in these kits, which are no longer edible.

In respect of more than 100 kits kept in the rooms of the head and councilors in the city council office by the Food Supply Department and about 100 kits that were damaged, both the above departments are shying away from taking their responsibility.

Whereas the SDM has said to take cognizance of strict action against the officials who were lax in this matter. On the other hand, the residents said that expressing their anger, it should have been ensured to distribute these kits at the earliest, because now the spoiled kits will have to be thrown away, while it would have been good if it became a morsel of one’s mouth.

Council EO Rajiv Oberoi said that these relief kits sent by the Central Government for Covid patients were kept in the council office by the team constituted by the Food Supply Department and SDM office. Of these, more than 100 relief kits were saved.

According to Oberoi, he had asked the officers of the SDM office and the Food Supply Department several times to get these kits, But no concrete steps were taken by the said departments in this regard. Due to which these relief kits lying in the room got spoiled and insects started running in it. And now it is no longer edible for anyone. The remaining kits should have been given to the common people.

Area philanthropists Manish Bhardwaj, Surinder Kumar Chopra, Gurdeep Singh Saini, Davinder Singh Pooni and Surjit Singh said that they were deeply saddened when this matter came to light. He said that these kits, which came for Covid patients, should have been given to the common people when they were saved, because in the Covid period, where people were tempted for pie, while in inflation this material could give relief for the poor for a few days. But this could not happen and due to the negligence of the departments, it got spoiled.

In this case, action should be taken by the higher officials on the responsible officers, so that such cases do not come to the fore in future. Charge has been handled a few days ago, District Food and Supply Controller Madhu said that he has taken charge only a few days ago. Action will be taken in this regard after taking information about the matter from other officers of the department.

Whoever is found accused, the responsibility will be fixed on him under the instructions of the higher authorities. Food supply department showed negligence despite repeated requests. Has been said many times. Despite being told repeatedly, due to negligence in this matter, the food item has now got spoiled. Whoever is found accused in this case, will be written to the higher authorities for action.

150 kit and came
It has been learned that after 100 kits, one hundred and fifty other kits also came. The matter of distributing 119 kits to the homes of corona patients came to light by the team constituted, whereas, 131 of them got damaged. Each kit contained 10 kg flour, 2 kg sugar and 2 kg black gram.
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