PUNJAB…..This is the condition of government hospitals……?


Medicines are not available in government hospitals. Patients are forced to buy at higher prices from the market. This is the condition of more than 80 percent of the government hospitals in Punjab. Despite the government releasing funds in January, 2024, government hospitals in Punjab are in bad shape. All these things were cited in a written letter by the Employees Welfare Association (Health Department Punjab). The letter was sent to the Punjab Health Minister, Health Secretary and Health Director, Punjab Health and Wellbeing Department on March 15. At present, no concrete action has been taken so far. Due to this, there is a lot of anger among the patients, general public and the institution. It was warned that if something was not done soon, they might be forced to resort to a major struggle.

Chairman of the organization, Dr. Rakesh Sharma said that since the beginning, he has fought hard many times against the government and the department for the voice of the general public. This time he looked at the medicine shortage in government hospitals across Punjab and found that 80 percent of the medicines were not available. On this, the team of his organization, after investigating all the hospitals, submitted a report to him, seeing which he was stunned. The Punjab government had sent a letter to all the government hospitals in January 2024 that now the patients will not have to worry about medicines, because the medicines will be easily available in all the hospitals. Not only this, the government spent a huge amount of money for medical expenses.

It is a matter of shame and surprise that some government hospital officials are openly violating the government’s decision. Because, due to external medicine, they get a huge commission in their pocket. Therefore, they are not showing any interest in buying government medicines. The time to spend the money ends on March 31. Overall, in a way the medical officer is connected to this entire episode. It is also very important to expose them. Demanded that an inquiry committee should be formed, so that the entire facts are investigated. Doctor Rakesh said with full assurance that a big controversy will come to light.

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